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PetLife is a Pet Clinic & Spa, which was initially located in Taramani, Chennai. Owing to decrease in demand for Pet Care in the area, Pet Life was moved to Kovilambakkam. It actually displaced an existing Pet Clinic, whose Doctor had to move permanently for personal reasons. Brand Building without losing existing customers was a challenging task.

Services Provided:
Ad-Campaign Design (Print Media)
Graphic Design


PhysioPal is an one-of-its-kind NaturoTherapy Center in Chennai. It stands out from the other health care units, in that PhysioPal provides various uncommon therapies, like Flower Remedy, Chroma Therapy, Food Therapy, and Hydro Therapy, just to name a few. Having the field expertise and potential to attract medical tourists from abroad, PhysioPal, however required some helping hand in Business aspects.

Services Provided:
Product Placement
Price Breakdown
Immigration Compliance

Dhanya Supermarket

Located at Kilpauk, Chennai, Dhanya Supermarket caters the grocery and household needs of several residents in the neighborhood. Despite having range of products and potential customers, Dhanya Supermarket found difficulty in running the business, mainly owing to limited resources and growing competition. With little or no proper guidance, Weighing Scale POS integrated with cloud technology was deployed. Though the advantages and ease of using mobile phone app initially found to be lucrative, actually turned out to be pain staking over time. On top of this, a direct competitor outlet was opened just opposite of the store by a Supermarket Chain. Taking a direct hit on the market share, customer retention and improving the visibility and sales forms the prime importance.

Services Provided:
IT Infrastructure
Migration of Weighing Scale POS to (GSP Approved) ERP.
Biometric Attendance System.
Upgraded POS node with omnidirectional barcode scanner and advanced thermal bill printer.
Competitor Analysis & Strategy Planning
Inventory Auditing
Insights on Promotion Metrics
GST adaptation


Assistance in Ph.D Research

Dr. Somasundaram K. N. is a veteran trader in financial and commodities market, not just nationally but globally. He has served the banking industry for more than three decades and is serving academics for around a decade now. He had provided a golden opportunity to assist him in his Ph.D research.
The thesis study titled — “A Study on Emergence of Derivative Market and its impact on Financial Market in India”, has provided the scope to learn and apply Time Series analytics in its entirity. Various findings were made, by applying econometric models like GARCH, Granger Causality, OLS, and ARIMA on the humongous dataset ranging over a period of 1994 to 2015, using eViews and Gretl software tools.


NSE Certified Investment Analyst Pro
NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP) - Level 2
NCFM - Financial Markets (Advanced) Module
NCFM - Securities Market (Advanced) Module
NCFM - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
NCFM - Technical Analysis Module
NCFM - Fundamental Analysis

Scholarly Publications

A Study on Factors that Influence Decision to Pursue Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research. ISSN 2277-3630 IJSSIR, Vol. 4 (3), MARCH (2015).
A Critical Study on Algorithmic Trading in India
ITM Journal of Management Research. ISSN 0975-3249 VOL. 10 (2 & 3), AUGUST-DECEMBER (2016).